Creed & Culture: A Touchstone Reader (Hardcover)

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HARDCOVER---In Creed & Culture, Touchstone editor James M. Kushiner brings together twenty-one essays that originally appeared in the magazine. These thoughtful articles by an impressive roster of contributors not only make for absorbing reading, but also constitute a valuable compendium of the best contemporary Christian thinking on literature, culture, and theology. As Kushiner writes in the introduction, these essays "speak conscientiously for the gospel in a time in which creed and culture seem to be at grave risk." Published by ISI Books.


-Christ & Culture: A Dilemma Reconsidered
A New Look at Culture, Christians & the State
by James Hitchcock

-Scientism: The World's Littlest Religion
How Theology Must Confront the New Global Religion of Scientism
by Huston Smith

-Classroom Chaos
Atheism & the Public Schools
by Patrick Henry Reardon

-No Place Like Home
A Personal Look at the Education of Children: Public, Private & Domestic
by Leon J. Podles

-The Century of the Cyclops
On the Loss of Poetry as Necessary Knowledge
by Steven Faulkner

-The Workshop of Worship
On Recovering Poetry for Our Children
by Steven Faulkner

-T. S. Eliot On Literary Morals
T. S. Eliot's After Strange Gods
by Russell Kirk

-Brideshead Revisited Revisited
Moral Imagination & the Catholic Faith in Evelyn Waugh's Modern Novel
by Thomas Howard

-Lessons From The Nursery
The Catholic Imagination Encounters Bambi
by James L. Sauer

-The Swiss Maharishi
The Religion of Carl Jung & His Legacy Today
by Philip G. Davis

-Family & Christian Virtue in a Post-Christian World
Reflections on the Ecclesial Vision of John Chrysostom
by Vigen Guroian

-An Everlasting Life
Remembering Mary Denise Sauer July 12, 1995—August 26, 1995
by James L. Sauer

-Recognizing the Church
A Personal Pilgrimage & the Discovery of Five Marks of the Church
by Thomas Howard

-All That Separates Must Converge
The Fragmentation of Christianity & the Unity of the Faith
by Leon J. Podles

-The Bible Tells Me So
On Knowing & Obeying the Biblical Pattern for Life & Godliness
by David Mills

-Christology & the Psalter
How "Inclusive Language" Emasculates the Psalms
by Patrick Henry Reardon

-The Professor & the Unicorn
Reality, Revelation & the Seductions of Abstract Thought
by S. M. Hutchens

-Meet the Latcons
The Long and the Short of Latitudinarian Conservatives
by David Mills

-Evading the Creed
The Various Attacks on the Faith of the Church & Why They Fail
by David Mills

-A Fig Leaf for the Creed
"Inclusive Language" Comes to Mass
by Paul Mankowski

-New Quest, Old Errors
The Fallacies of the New Quest for the Historical Jesus
by James R. Edwards

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