Salvo 26 Science/Faith Special Issue

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The special 80-page issue from 2013 coving all matters of science & faith.

In the Beginning
Episodes in the Origin & Development of Science
by Michael Keas

“Faith” No More
It’s Time We Did Away with the Notion of Religious Wishful Thinking
by Greg Koukl

The (Not So) Great Divide
Why the Tensions Between Science & Faith Are Misunderstood & Overblown
by William A. Dembski & Denyse O’Leary

Plus: John G. West, Kenneth Richard Samples, Frank Tipler, Cameron Wybrow, Austin Hughes, Stephen C. Meyer, Patrick Henry Reardon, Hugh Ross, J. Warner Wallace, Ann Gauger, Bradley Monton, James D. Sinclair, Jonathan Wells, Paul Nelson, Casey Luskin, Stephen Batzer 

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