Salvo Science & Faith Bundle

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Super Science Duo! Get the two special issues of Salvo dealing with Science, Faith & Intelligent Design!
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SV#4 Winter 2008 Intelligent Design Issue

SV#26 Fall 2013 Science & Faith Supplement

Articles & Authors Include:

“Faith” No More
It’s Time We Did Away with the Notion of Religious Wishful ­Thinking
by Greg Koukl

What Is the ­Biblical ­Understanding of ­Creation? 
by Hugh Ross

What Is the Biblical Case for Adam & Eve?
by J. Warner Wallace

The (Not So) Great Divide
Why the Tensions Between ­Science & Faith Are ­Misunderstood & Overblown
by William A. Dembski & Denyse O’Leary

Why Is ID So Important?
by Phillip E. Johnson

What Is the Argument for ID from DNA?
by Stephen Meyer

What Does ID Have to Say About Biochemistry?
by Michael Behe

What Does Information Tell Us About ID?
by William A. Dembski

How Can ID Help Us Understand Living Cells?
by Jonathan Wells

With: Austin Hughes, Michael Keas, Stephen C. Meyer, Richard Weikart, John G. West, and more!