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We've assembled limited quantities of these boxes of Touchstone for you and for your friends. Each box contains 5 sets of 6 issues---that's 30 issues total. Keep one set of six for yourself and give the others away to friends and family. Each set includes the following six issues with highlights listed. Click on the issue title to see the full table of contents of that issue:

Is Patriarchy Inevitable? Answers Secular & Religious by Allan C. Carlson

Surprised by Delight: Divine Love & the Love of Man & Woman Surpass Mere Consent by Anthony Esolen

Role Reversals: Sex, Women's Ordination & the Rejection of Hierarchy & Equality by James A. Altena

The Icon of Materialism: Why Scientism's Cherished Progress Narrative Fails by Jonathan Witt

Suffer the Children: How Can the Young Flourish Without Peace? by Anthony Esolen

Man, Woman & the Mystery of Christ: An Evangelical Protestant Perspective by Russell D. Moore

Glory Himself: C. S. Lewis on the Blessed Sacrament by Walter Hooper & Jacob Fareed Imam

What Makes Men Men? The Nature of a Man Is What He Is For by J. Budziszewski

Deliver Us from Evil: Justice Demands an Assessment of Injustice by Anthony Esolen

Right Before Our Eyes: Life & Love Are Real Despite Theatrical Illusions by Anthony Esolen

Poet of Heaven & Earth: His Thoughts Are Not Our Thoughts, Nor His Words by David Lyle Jeffrey

Mission or Submission? The Difficulty of Apologetics for Dead Souls in the Real World by R. J. Snell

To Spread His Glory: Four Theses on Christian Education by Donald T. Williams

The Habit of Community: Reception, Gratitude, & Witness on a Christian Campus by Matthew D. Wright

Image-Bearers for God: Does Biblical Language for Man Matter? by Stephen F. Noll

Killing Homicide: Bob Perry on Missing Fathers & Redemption in Prison

The End of Liberal Democracy: Constitutionalism Without Christian Humanism by Hunter Baker

Cosmic Centers: C. S. Lewis & the Insights of Medieval Cosmology by Phillip Piper

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